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Participate in the online challenge for anchoring sustainability, corporate culture, health promotion and cooperation.

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With small daily actions you can...

...improve your personal health and wellbeing

...get engaged for the environment and society

...strengthen you team spirit and your positive working environment

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Choose some sustainable challenges on the plaform, record your progress and collect points from XX to XX XXXX 2019.

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2017/07/07 by Christian Kaufmann

Crossing the lake

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„Taking the stairs, drinking water and sleeping enough... we are very healthy at the moment! The challenge can be easily integrated into the daily routine and is a lot of fun.“

Nathalie Bischof
Employee at Würth

„Within a short time period the focus was not only on the competition, but also on living experiences together, battling, enjoying, laughing and sometimes the fight against our "inner couch potato"“

Matthias Langenbacher
Managing Director tts Talent Management Consulting

„At the Challenge there are many useful, great things that make you see what you can achieve on a daily basis. And as is well known, many small deeds together can achieve something big.“

Daniel Frei
Employee at ewz


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